"YewSavin is a Global Life Science Company with Broad Platforms Based on AI, SAR and Natural Products"

YewSavin is a company at the cutting edge of new pharmaceutical development model, where innovation is energized by small company ‘entrepreneur scientists’, decentralized, low cost early-stage developments.

YewSavin is a global R&D center that facilitates burst of innovation and drug discovery through alliances up to clinical proof-of-concept (PoC), with committed long-term partners, working across many therapeutic areas. Our savvy is in accomplishing this at an enormous speed, and at fraction of cost of a larger centralized company.

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About Us

YewSavin is a group focused on the development of single-molecule standardized therapies learned from natural molecules. We have triangulated molecules for hemophilia treatment and accelerated wound healing, viral entry inhibition, pain relievers, and immunity boosters using our unique:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Structure Match (SAR)
  • Bioassay Guided Fractionation
  • In-vitro & Animal Studies
  • Unique Seperation Methods
  • Synthetic and Natural Combinatorial Libraries
  • Unique Mastery of Crystallisation Methods
More Information About Us

Pipeline Technologies

Our successful story is- to create innovation that Big Pharma so sorely needs to bulk up its dwindling pipelines. YewSavin is a cost-effective move for larger drug companies to leverage outside scientific talent to gain access to breakthrough discoveries; with enormous potential for unpreedented ROI for YewSavin.

Hemophilia - Complementary Component (CC_2) Therapies

Treatment for Hemophilia and Blood Disorders

Complementary Component Emergency Treatments (CC_2E)

Treatment for Serious Injuries in 'Golden Hour' and in accidental and surgical settings.

Anti-HIV Entry Inhibitors

Entry Inhibitor and Destruct Molecules

SilverLock Inks

For Manufacturing Silver Conductors in a Wide Range of Applications

AJ Organica

AJO is an Ayurvedic, and Nutraceutical Drug Platform

NIR Infrared 'Fingerprint' Absorbers

For tracking and covert security printing

Our Partners

Large Pharma Executives have been advocating for years that the blockbuster model is broken and unsustainable. They have been pushing for a change in the R&D model that will drive more transformational innovation. That day of transformation is already dawned at YewSavin in 2017.

As small nimble biotech company synergistically with contract partners, we have created a faster, more cost-effective pipeline of diverse LED molecules bring new treatments to market.

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APT Testing and Research Pvt. Ltd.

APT Testing and Research Pvt. Ltd. (formerly known as National Toxicology Centre) is a Pune based testing laboratory with Over 30 years of experience provides quality pre-clinical and toxicity testing.

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