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We are a Global R&D Platform with platforms based on AI, SAR, and Nature herself

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YewSavin is a global R&D center that facilitates burst of innovation and drug discovery through alliances up to clinical proof-of-concept (PoC), with committed long-term partners, working across many therapeutic areas. Our savvy is in accomplishing this at an enormous speed, and at fraction of cost of a larger centralized company.

The best happening in life is to find something you were not even looking for...

Dr. Makarand Gore
CTO of YewSavin

Pipeline Technologies

YewSavin's remarkable achievement lies in its innovative approach, which addresses the pressing need for innovation in various industries. While our current focus is on revolutionizing the pharmaceutical sector, YewSavin's unique solutions hold the power to transform and revitalize other industries as well. By providing cost-effective opportunities for larger drug companies to harness external scientific talent and access breakthrough discoveries, YewSavin paves the way for unprecedented advancements and remarkable returns on investment.

Hemophilia - Complementary Component Therapies
Treatment for Hemophilia and blood disorders
Complementary Component Emergency Treatments
Treatment for serious injuries during 'golden hour' and in accidental, and surgical seetings
AJ Organica
AJO is an Ayurvedic and nutraceutical drug platform
Anti-HIV Entry Inhibitors
Entry-inhibitor and destruct molecules
SilverLock Inks
For manufacturing Silver conductors in a wide range of applications
NIR Infrared 'Fingerprint' Absorbers
For tracking and covert security printing
LLMs Based Research Intelligence
Power of the internet, in the palm of our hands
What's Next?
We are still not done innovating...

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